Thursday, February 18, 2016

History of the tenement: complete series

Here is the complete list of posts, in order, in the series on The History of the Tenement in New York (I've included the popular A history of the slums of New York post that complements the tenement history):

    Preface: A history of the slums of New York

Why are tenements so diverse?

Anti-Catholic town, Anti-Catholic architecture
How architecture began in NYC

    (an outlier hypothesis)
    A digression

Banks, Romans, fashion-mongerers and modernism
What Roman architecture tells us about our notion of time and fashion, progress, and our cultural personality

Ghetto real estate
How and why the slums -- and the apartment building -- began

The inverse law of ghetto real estate
The economics of exploitation

External vs internal
A summary so far of the divergent purposes of design

Political history
Clarifying the origins of our two political parties and their significance for the immigrant labor ghetto

What's a tenement?
Law and changing perceptions

A market lesson in brick
The oldest and tallest tenement, and how it got that way

New Law, Old Law, Pre-Law, lawless
Quick history of housing laws and how to identify tenement periods

Don't believe what you read
...or see on a cornice or on a NYC gov't document

Don't trust historians
How the limits of professionalism can mislead

And ignore the know-it-alls
Know their bias and agenda

Personality, humor and taste
in tenement design of the 1880's and 90's

From the depths of Schopenhauer and Wagner to the surfaces of Nietzsche and Wilde
Romanticism and aestheticism merge in a tenement on Madison Street

The last hurrah of wealth and privilege

The law of unintended consequences
What conduces to freedom, expression and innovation?

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