Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Post 7: Lessons for activists from the history of LESA

As always, with the exception of public figures, I use altered names to protect the individuals in this history.

If there is a problem that immediately impacts a local demographic, it’s possible, even easy, to bring people together

and hold successful events that bring wide attention.

If you can bring out large numbers of people, as LESA did at its town hall, outside activists will take note and join. (This also  happened when the CUNY Coalition/SLAM brought 20,000 students to City Hall for a demonstration. The very next morning Al Sharpton and Dennis Rivera called us at the Grad Center to ask us to organize a second march with them.)

Both grassroots events and upscale political events can promote the movement as long as the events are in the control of the activists and not politicians, non profits or quasi governmental operatives like the CB. 

Sad to say, progress often moves forward only in the wake of misfortunes and casualties.

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