Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Post 6: The end of LESA

As always, with the exception of public figures, I use altered names to protect the individuals in this history.

The dissolution of the LESA

Following the LESA town hall, the group divided between the members north of Houston and those south of it. I must take some responsibility for the rift. I am too thin skinned to bear antagonism,  and there was one member of the group south of Houston (Maggie, mentioned previously) unrelentingly, irrationally and unnecessarily antagonistic towards me. I have no idea why. I don’t expect all my suggestions to be taken up, but even my occasional good ideas were opposed by this one member. I was told that this was her modus operandi, and she had a reputation throughout the activist community in the LES for divisiveness. She also had a reputation for extraordinary research, persistence, experience and knowledge.

I couldn’t work under such constant personal attack. It was counterproductive since good ideas were being shot down for what seemed to be entirely personal reasons. I lost many nights of sleep after her attacks. Thin-skinned, I want everyone to like me. That’s not a viable personality for activism, where antagonism is an inevitability whether from within the group or without. 

The north of Houston members held a few more meetings, but the writing was on the wall. We have remained friends over the years, though I haven’t seen them since the onset of Covid. 

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