Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will the real NO 7-Eleven please stand up

A commenter has been misdescribing (purveying falshoods, actually) about NO 7-Eleven. He won't publish my corrections on his blog, so I'm compelled to correct him here. 

For the record: the active members of NO 7-Eleven consist of a couple of well-published local poets who also teach college, several painters, several performers, a photographer, several working moms, including the owner of a thrift shop, and the rest work for non profits or for some other boss, like most New Yorkers, outside the neighborhood. No one in NO 7-Eleven is in the food business. 

Almost everyone in the group has lived in the neighborhood since the 1970's, a few only since the 1980's. Two are more recent, but one of those is married to someone who's been here since the 80's. That's who we are.

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