Wednesday, March 20, 2013

7-Eleven and labor exploitation

Many commenters object to NO 7-Eleven because, according to them, bodegas employ undocumented immigrants and may pay under minimum wage, while 7-Eleven doesn't pay under minimum wage. But 7-Eleven doesn't employ undocumented immigrants at all -- 7-Eleven subjects employees to background checks (it's on their website).  So 7-Eleven is in no way better for the undocumented. 

Exploitation of undocumented immigrant labor cries out for a solution, but corporate formula stores like 7-Eleven are not providing that solution in any way shape or form. They also don't hire ex-felons and parolees -- many having accepted plea bargains under duress of inflated charges and then incarcerated for non violent crimes -- who now are trying to construct a normal, decent life for themselves. Corporate stores will not employ them. Mom and pops often will. 

The cycle of inflated charges>plea bargain>prison>parole>prison is one of our nation's worst and most racist human rights violation. That alone is a reason to curtail the spread of corporate formula stores and support local stores. Decent people deserve a second chance. 

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rob said...

In full disclosure: I used to be on the Board of a non profit that had the purpose of trying to raise awareness of the use of inflated charges. DA's across the country inflate charges to coerce plea bargains (with prison time) in order to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a jury trial. We also looked at the parole system, which is designed to increase recidivism. In dealing with race, our whole court system is a violation of the constitutional right to a fair trial, not to mention being a horrendous human rights violation. The stories our videographer was recording would draw tears of outrage and despair.