Saturday, June 06, 2009

CB3 priorities

Our Community Board has sent around a notice asking for help in getting themselves more funding. But CB3 did not send around a notice announcing the Chinatown Town Hall, an extremely important community event held in CB3's district.

It has been eleven months that the Chinatown Working Group has been meeting, yet CB3 has not sent even a single notice of even one meeting. I get my notices of Chinatown Working Group meetings from CB2, even though I live in CB3's district and the Town Hall was held in CB3's district.

No doubt the community boards need funding to accomplish their goals. But those goals must include the entire community, not just the sector of the community that makes the CB look good or that is friendly to the CB.

Advertising the Chinatown process would have improved CB3's image. Continuing to undermine the process by not sending out notices will just earn CB3 more enmity. I hope CB3 will rethink its approach to the Chinatown Working Group and begin sending notices of the meetings through their e-mail list. Then I might be happy to advocate for more CB funding.


Anonymous said...

The District Manager of CB3 attends the Chinatown Working Group meetings. It's strange that a flyer about the City's rat control education initiative is dutifully passed around by her at CWG meetings, but a flyer to attend the extremely important City Hall rally is not.

rob said...

Even more strange that when residents approached the District Manager about the rat problem two years ago, she firmly denied that there was any rat problem and refused to take any action.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't CB3 sending out notifications about the meetings held regarding the Chinatown Working Group. I find something wrong with the fact that one of the active Asian American organizations, namely AAFE (that is well connected politically)is not making sure that CB3 markets the working groups agenda to the community. Especially since the Chair of the working group works for AAFE and is member of CB3.