Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Next city-wide tenants union meeting

The city-wide tenants union UNYTE will meet
Monday, October 15, 7pm at the
6th Street Community Center, 638 East 6th Street
between Avenues B&C.

On the agenda: planning our
City-wide Town Hall Symposium & Speak Out
on New York's out-of-control rents,
out-of-control development,
out-of-control landlords,
out-of-control city agencies,
out-of-control harassment and displacement
and the loss of tenants' rights and protections.

We're growing. Join us.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is the reason for setting up another "city-wide tenants' union"? Wouldn't the effort being spent on generating name recognition for UNYTE be better spent advancing the same agenda through a well-established organization like Met Council, that runs primarily on a volunteer basis with the support of its membership? What exactly differentiates UNYTE's agenda and approach from Met Council's?

rob said...

I can't speak for UNYTE, but there would seem to be at least two differences between a city-wide tenants union and a housing advocacy group like Met Council:
1. Met Council is supports the creation of new affordable housing, which make it vulnerable to back-door development deals from the city administration. A tenants union is strictly about defending tenants where they are.

2. Met Council has failed to galvanize the tenants of this city. I don't know whether this is their fault or merely the fault of their longevity. People have lived with Met Council's presence through successive erosions of tenant rights and through increasing pressure from developers and through two administrations that have actively supported gentrification and development. That's bound to erode confidence in the organization, even if it isn't the organization's fault. Will a new tenants union revitalize the people of New York? I don't know, but it's certainly worth a try.

Anonymous said...

why does anyone insist on enabling Met Council? They are not in the housing courts. Met Council does not know what is going on in courts and what judges do. If they are it is in some delusion of their minds.

they are not in the courts. they give misinformation, tell you to get an attorney, if I had the money for an attorney why would I call them?

When there is any criticism of Met Council people get so ridiculously defensive. Their organizing tactics feed into the landlord's plans. It's time for a BIG CHANGE.

Any tenants who have won as pro se in housing court steer clear of Met Council.

I was in court today and saw what that there is NO HELP FOR TENANTS.
why do judges not sign orders to show cause for mothers with children to avoid eviction?

I witnessed an HP Judge tell a single mother to find another apartment and move. To where? into a building that the judge is a silent partner in?

Anonymous said...

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