Friday, May 11, 2007

Sixth Street Community Center
638 East 6th Street
(between Avenues B&C)
Monday, May 14, 6:30pm.

New York is under assault from developers and landlords. Our legal rights have been eroded, loopholes have been exploited and there is little or no regulatory oversight. Affordable housing that sustains communities is rapidly disappearing. We are in crisis. We are losing our rights.

Landlords and developers have organized; so must we.

This is an important project that fills a dire need. We got a good start at our last meeting, creating a program committee which has been working and communicating all week. We're moving forward. Join us.

Tenants unite!

Hope to see you there,

Rob Hollander
LES Residents for Responsible Development
622 E 11, #10
NYC 10009

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