Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hey friends -- I just revised the blog, adding an article on the rezoning of the LES/EV that I wrote for Tenant/Inquilino a while back. It presents the important issues more briefly and simply than "Zoning for Dummies" did. I've also rearranged "Zoning for Dummies" so that its chapters read in logical and chronological order.

I've added links -- Bob Arihood posted his photos of the interior of St. Brigid's on his site. Also check out what's happening in the neighborhood at Eric Ferrara's and Jim Power's

If you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll find an early entry that describes what this blog and LESRRD are all about and what kinds of activities we're involved in. I also fixed up the chart in "Contextual Height of the LES North of Houston" so the numbers are easier to read.

There've been some hopeful developments recently. People from all over are showing an interest in what's happening to the LES. We're networking with other neighborhoods that are experiencing similar community displacement and we're beginning to work together to preserve what's best about New York City before this place turns into one big glass-and-steel Duane Reade.

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