Tuesday, June 04, 2013

White movies!

Grieve also posted the schedule of Howl!'s summer film series in Tompkins Square Park. Sufficiently Howl-ish not to embarass an EVer, it's targeted to a specific local white audience, cool-identified. It's good to see one Spanish-language film (scheduled for the dog days of August when presumably the white audience is at the Hamptons). Last year there seemed to be several series experimenting with target audiences both high and low. Unless I am mistaken, no Chinese film has been screened in the park. Neither the real estate industry that promotes these screenings nor the advertisers cater to the local AAFE residents. I don't see why. There are so many great Chinese movies. The NYU students would watch. Subtitles won't drive them away -- they watched a bunch of French films last summer in the park. Maybe the sponsors don't know how to deal with double subtitles.

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Anonymous said...

Get a life ! No one wants to see Chinese movies in Tompkins.