Monday, June 10, 2013

Despair and cynicism on the left

At the Forum, I was particularly discouraged by Doug Henwood's cynicism. He applauded Bloomberg for being competent. "He got 311 to run on time" was his opening laugh line. When I asked him about Bloomberg's rezonings, he complained about more high-rises, as if this were the extent of the negative consequences. No mention of displacement of low-income communities and further erosion of manufacturing.

I get the impression that within the Left there is a strain of defeatism. Despairing of any wholesale revolution, Henwood seems to have made his peace with Neoliberalism. If it's managed well, then let's make the best of it! He worried that some incompetent Democrat mayor would mess up what Bloomberg has created.

So is Leftism now compatible with kleptocratic Republicanism?

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