Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Face the new EV

EV Grieve has been following the piecemeal clearance of all the commerce on 14th Street for some yet unknown development. Locals expect a huge high rise like the ones we saw south of Houston (The Ludlow, Blue, THOR, SVA), so I thought I'd show what is allowed there --
Photo: DCP
except maybe all glass and steel and ground floor storefronts. You can imagine which stores.

The strip from Avenue A to 1st Avenue is zoned for mixed use commercial and residential space with an 80 ft height cap and a maximum floor area ratio of 4, about the size of an Old Law 6-story tenement. It's similar to the EV/LES 2008 rezoning but without any affordable housing provision (beyond the 421a tax incentive which keeps it affordable only for about 25 years).

Will the developer get a variance to build higher? The Board of Standards and Appeals doesn't give out variances like candy -- the developer has to show some rationale. Otherwise the city wouldn't have spent millions on rezoning 120 neighbrohoods under Bloomberg. 

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