Monday, June 24, 2013

Honestly, I shouldn't have to deal with this

The blogger who purveys misinformation about NO711 has taken to harassing me. On his blog, he posted graffiti he found somewhere with my name, implying that it was by me or about me. When I mentioned this on another popular local blog, he quickly deleted the graffiti post without leaving a notice or trace -- pretending that he never posted it. Worse, anyone who now goes looking for the post I publicly mentioned would get the impression that I was making it all up maliciously! Fortunately, I had already made a couple of screen caps of the post. 

So, just to prove I'm not making up this insanity, here's the graffiti he posted on his blog. 

He posted the graffiti again a few days later in another post:

Both the graffiti post and the photo in the later post have disappeared on his blog with no notice or trace. Here's the text now without the graffiti photo:

The photo had been at the paragraph break.

Honestly, I shouldn't have to deal with this.

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