Thursday, May 16, 2013

"NO 7-Eleven: resist chains and corporate control" is winning!

7-Eleven Corp has delayed the opening of the 7-Eleven store on 11th Street & Avenue A from May 13 to November 13. That's a half year delay @ $35,000 per month.

Meanwhile NO 7-Eleven is ramping up its resistance. We're planning a demonstration in early June at the 7-Eleven doubledecker "superstore" on 5th Avenue & 23rd Street just across from the Flat Iron Building. Details soon.

An anonymous comment on EV Grieve resonated with me:

If a storefront or piece of land has been vacant because the owner is greedy ... CB 3 support them by approving a bar or lounge or a hotel or luxury housing.

Filling empty stores benefits primarily the landlord. The neighborhood is not desperate for commerce -- we've already got more chain stores than any other neighborhood in the city and a 7-Eleven provides the minimal jobs per square foot. 

So, 7-Eleven Corp and CB3, just leave it there empty. We can deal with that. The landlord? Kushner can think of it as a goodwill gesture to the community. He can afford it. 

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