Monday, May 06, 2013

7-Eleven and jobs

NO711 has pointed out that 7-Eleven, with its self-service model, minimizes employment. Here are the figures to compare.

[I've deleted a paragraph here. The information was not authorized. Please see instead this post.]

I ran into a local resident who owns a restaurant in the LES. It's a small space, single storefront (12.5 ft across). I asked him how many people he employs there. 20, he said. I asked how many are being paid at minimum wage. He replied with pride, none, not one. He went on about how important this is to him. It's an upscale place, so the waiters' tips are significant as well.

Since the restaurant is less than half the size of a 7-Eleven, he provides 4 to 6 times as many jobs as a 7-Eleven would in an equivalent space. 

I also looked at Fresh&Co, which is about the size of a 711: 20 people per shift, 2 shifts, including weekends, all behind-the-counter (no waiter/tips) and well over minimum wage (except the delivery guys -- they get tips so the law exempts them from the minimum wage, like waiters). Total: 56 full time equivalent positions, not counting delivery staff. It employs 5-8 times (!!) as a 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven is actually one of the worst franchises from a labor/employment point of view.

But this is kind of obvious, no? Huge store, self-service: minimal jobs, close to minimum wage. Isnt' that what 7-Eleven is all about? And corporate packaged junk food. What an asset to the global landscape!


TSBagels said...

I’m the owner of TSB and many of your statements are factually incorrect. I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t post private information about my business and it’s finances on the internet. It is not something I necessarily would want my competitors or neighboring businesses to know. Further, I find it somewhat disrespectful that you didn’t at least ask my permission first. I’d appreciate it if you removed the posts . Thanks.


rob said...

I did email you first. No matter, I've deleted the paragraph and I sincerely apologize for my stupidity and naivete.