Thursday, April 09, 2009

El Bohio for Open House New York

Friends and neighbors,

El Bohio (formerly P.S.64) has been closed to the public for at least seven years now. In that time it's been landmarked, its terra cotta fa├žade has been defaced and pigeons have moved in where artists, dancers and musicians once entertained audiences.

Open House New York for one weekend opens buildings and landmarks that are normally closed to the public. OHNY is looking for sites of architectural and historical significance to include in its weekend of public access.

I've suggested to OHNY that they ask Gregg Singer, the owner of former P.S.64, to open its doors so the public may once again see it. I doubt Mr. Singer will oblige them, but I believe he should be asked nonetheless.

Would you join me in recommending to Open House New York that the former P.S. 64 (El Bohio) be an Open House site? Let's raise the community voice together.

I think it's time that the public see how much damage has been done to the interior of the building. If Mr. Singer has protected the building from harm, as the landmark law requires, then he will have nothing to hide. If he has something to hide, he will find an excuse not to open the building.

We have a voice. Let's use it. Send a note to

For more info, visit their website

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