Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fight the cuts!

There's only one week left to state budget negotiations in Albany. Now's the time to write letters to the papers about the need for tax reform, sign the petition and call Governor Paterson and State Senate Majority Leader Smith (the State Assembly is already on board).

Proposed cuts to schools, hospitals, and the social services will not only harm ordinary New Yorkers but will impair our already hurting local economy, increase unemployment, stifle spending, close small and vulnerable businesses and force a downward spiraling crisis just when New Yorkers and the New York economy most need support.

There is immense wealth in this state, yet those who have it pay the same tax rate as those who don't, and actually pay a smaller share of their income than working families. We need New Yorkers who can afford to share, who have seen their taxes cut over and over throughout the last thirty years, to begin giving just a little bit more. Will the rich flee if taxed more? Not according to studies quoted in the Times:

Sign the petition here:

If you earn over $200,000/yr United for a Fair Economy needs your voice:

Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith
(212) 298-5585

Governor Paterson

Send letters:

(Bear in mind that papers like the Times, News and Post don't print letters longer than three or four sentences.)

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