Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm making a list

of Bloomberg's moves to help developers ignore, violate or avoid the law, starting with
1) the stealth development rule that allows illegal developments (details here),
2) curtailing public review of private developments (more here),
3) planning a charter revision that will allow developers to bypass community boards, eliminate the borough presidents and the public advocate and generally downsize government (article here -- this one he seems to be keeping on the back burner until he gets re-elected),
4) failure to collect fines for Department of Building and Environmental Control Board violations.
Want to add to the list?
Susannah B. Troy and Phil De Paulo both point out that illegal developments have been the cause of several Fire Department fatalities. The city doesn't even review all architectural plans anymore. It's collusion between development and government. And who is government supposed to serve?


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...


Great work Rob, I posted on my blog above with youtube or you can go directly to youtube and watch
the youtube based on your email to me.

The email I sent the mayor is on my blog in this posting.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

To underscore how wrong the mayor is think about NYU building fake walls at Stuy Town and how this went on for years so 30 days would have protected NYU and 2 fireman died in the Bronx because of this dangerous practice which is now a big no-no but I am told still goes on, an example I am told is here in the East Village.

In the mean time DOB and ECB don't collect mega millions in fines or stop developers, contractors landlords so it sure feels to me like to many factors favor the "speed of greed" at the expense of the people in too many ways.

Suzannah B. Troy

Watchdog said...

Good work on this Rob. You've cut through the red tape and made it all easy to understand. We need a new mayor!! End of story. By the way, the new glass building on 52 Mulberry is a hotel. How'd that happen?