Monday, May 05, 2008

To the members of Community Board 3 and Councilmembers Alan Gerson and Rosie Mendez,

The Community Board and Councilmembers Gerson and Mendez have a unique moment of leverage with DCP.

DCP is committed to pushing through this rezoning that they've spent millions on already. Now is the only moment when CB3 can negotiate protection for Chinatown and the Bowery.

Currently, CB3 wants to work on a separate community-based plan for Chinatown. That plan will take years and has no guarantee of ever being implemented since there will probably never again be such leverage as exists right now while DCP seeks approval for its plan.

This one is a no-brainer. Now is the time to demand that the EIS be expanded to include Chinatown and the Bowery. This is the last moment DCP can be cornered into a commitment of any kind. This is the last moment for demand. After this, no leverage: no negotiation; it's all over.

Don't throw this game. Play hardball. You know how. You have nothing to lose, and you stand to gain a meaningful commitment to the protection of the C6 zones from luxury hotel development.

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