Monday, April 21, 2008

The big picture

In the tiny 9-block commercial zone south of Houston, 7 hotel/condominiums have risen in the last ten years, all about 23-stories tall, almost one huge hotel per block. Chinatown and the Bowery share that commercial zoning. Hotels are being built there now too.

In the expansive 60-block East Village there are no 23-story buildings. Only 1 building has risen above 8-stories in the last ten years. It's 14-stories tall. So why did the Community Board ask the city to rezone the 60-block East Village and neglect Chinatown completely? There is something amiss in our politics, priorities, perspectives and strategies. Margarita Lopez got funding for an EV rezoning, apparently to save the former Charas building, an admirable cause though probably not the best reason to rezone an entire neighborhood. But at least it's money and effort. What has Alan Gerson been doing all these years?? Chinatown is in your district, Alan, or didn't you know? It's your responsibility.

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