Friday, June 08, 2007

Scope it out

On June 25, the Department of City Planning will hold the public "scoping meeting" for the proposed EV/LES Rezoning. This is the critical moment for community input into the rezoning plan. You may address the agency for 3 minutes and submit your comments in writing as well. Soon I will post the comments I plan to submit myself.

Department of City Planning,
Spector Hall,
22 Reade Street
June 25, 2-5pm, 6-8:45pm

The DCP website has all the documents relevant to the scoping and the hearing:


Jack deMolay said...

I just took a look at the scoping attachments. Who has the time to decipher this stuff! Even if it came with a glossary I would need days to understand it and its implications. I know the city does not make it this complicated in order to put obstacles in the way of citizens who might give a damn, but if I were just a bit more paranoid, I might think so!

Is there somewhere one can go and see the plans laid out and talk with someone who can put it into plain English. Maybe the Community Board or an elected city government official for the neighborhood? Or is this why Rob has inserted himself into the process [thanks Rob!]?

robCUNY said...

I only just noticed your comment, Jack. At the Scoping hearing someone expressed the same sentiment. There have been very few efforts to explain the rezoning to the public. GOLES held a forum and, some months later, Councilmember Gerson. The latter actually attempted to present a balanced view -- it wasn't exclusively promoters of the DCP plan. Our local newspaper, The Villager, seems to be uninterested in presenting a balanced view.