Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A city-wide tenants union?

Monday saw the second meeting of the new city-wide tenants union UNYTE (Union of New York TEnants). Tenants showed up from Greenwich Village, the East Village, the Lower East Side and the Upper East Side -- and we haven't even started outreach. Here's the petition that we approved:

Union of New York Tenants (UNYTE)

Tenants Unite!

New York is under assault from developers and landlords. Our legal rights have been eroded, loopholes have been exploited and there is little or no regulatory oversight. Affordable housing that sustains communities is rapidly disappearing. We are in crisis. We are losing our rights and protections.

Landlords and developers have organized; so must we.

The 1947 rent regulations were designed to address the shortage of affordable housing and preserve the diversity of our neighborhoods. We demand the strengthening of those laws and their equitable and uniform enforcement. We demand administrative transparency and accountability, the closing of loopholes and the right to live secure in our homes free of intimidation, predatory litigation, abuse and fear.

We shall not be removed!

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